onsdag den 8. oktober 2008

Marinated Peppers

As I didn't get around to put up a recipe monday I'll put one up now... but well its not as much a recipe as it is an experiment I did yesterday when I saw how many peppers we had lying around in the fridge. So here goes

I used:
4 peppers (2 red, 1 green and 1 yellow) cut in half and then in slices.
Some oil
a teaspoon of honey
2 cloves of crushed garlic
and a couple of squeezes of lemon.

I mixed the dressing or marinade and then tossed in the peppers and the let it sit for about an hour. I then fried them on a hot frying pan until they were tender but still with a bite. They were really delicious! They were served with some chicken and some garlic bread.

Enjoy :)


mandag den 6. oktober 2008


well haven't been blogging for the past week. Not for the lack of good things but just got caught up in a hole. But today there are a couple of good things going on.

One: I have the day off.... Always a good thing. Cannot be surpassed by many things.

Two: one thing to surpass having a day off is the anticipation of an online event taking place today. Depeche Mode's press conference in Berlin. Hopefully it's to announce a new album, but I think mainly to announce a new tour for next year. I will probably not be going to a concert but I would like a new album. So BRING IT ON!!
www.depechemode.com for updates
http://www.livenationinternational.com/depechemode/ for the Press conference.

So my good thing of the day is Depeche Mode who seem to own the rights to the soundtrack of my life. More on this subject another day.


mandag den 29. september 2008


I usually cannot find much good about mondays, because I am simply too tired.So all day long I have been wondering what to write here today. And I have decided to make a new tradition: Recipe Mondays. And today I think I will put up the recipe I use for the Lemon Curd I mentioned in an earlier post.

Lemon Curd

110 grams of butter cut into chunks
4 eggs lightly beaten
450 grams of caster sugar
100 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
the peel of the lemons you used to make the juice

What I do is:
squeeze lemon and grate the rind
put in a pot with the sugar and the butter and beaten eggs
mix all together in a pot.

then I put the pot over on a low heat and STIR CONTINUALLY until the mixture thickens and will coat the back of a wooden spoon.


when the mixture is thick enough let it cool down slightly before pouring into clean jars. I usually let them cool down for 15 minutes before screwing the lid completely on and then I put one jar in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

I will try to eat the open jar within a week if it gets much older than that I will discard it. Some recipes say it will last a week others say a minimum of two. Enjoy.

Most recipes call for this to be made in a bowl over boiling water, but I could never make it thicken enough so I started making it directly in the pot. It works for me, but you really have to stir it all the time or it will form small clumps of egg, which will require you to strain the curd before you pour it into jars.

So happy monday all!


fredag den 26. september 2008

Friday night!

Friday is:

Good Food
Spending time together.
Candy and soda.
Relaxed parenting :)

Have a good weekend


torsdag den 25. september 2008

Good things come when you surf

As mentioned in a former post, I love to surf the internet and I end up seeing things I never would have thought of searching for. Fx one time I was doing a search for something, I have forgotten what.. maybe Ribena.. and I ended up on a homepage detailing experiments with mushrooms.. and how to prolong and enhance the effect those might have. hmmm.. not what I expected.. but I read on in fascination anyway.

A few weeks ago I was again doing the odd surf seeing where the links might take me.. the path went something like this..
- www.depechemode.com.. forum read a thread about Depeche Mode video's on YouTube
- thought hmmm I would like to listen to Clean by DM
- opened Itunes and found that for some reason I only have that on the trusty old Ipod
- thought YouTube and opened a firefox and made a search for Depeche Mode Clean and found this.
- I found the video a bit boring but hey I was in it for the music anyway
- so scrolled down to see some of the comments and the second from the top was:
From kshelton10
This chick is my cousin, Angela Shelton. She was 17 when this video was made.
- My over-timing curiosity made me do a search for Angela Shelton and what I found is this totally amazing woman who just kicked my feet out from under me. Her homepage is here and is well worth a visit. She is funny, witty, quirky and really really amazing. Her book is on my list of books to buy and the movie is definitely on a must-watch list.

So Angela Shelton is my Good thing of the day.


onsdag den 24. september 2008

Good thing of the day

I have on my kitchen counter top a bowl with a dough waiting to be kneaded, shaped and baked. This is a good thing in it self.. not much beats the newly baked bread or the home where bread is in the oven, the smell of the bread is slowly penetrating every room causing hunger pains in all present.... but not my good thing of the day though. I am baking bread with an ulterior motive.. Lemon Curd! Yummi! I love Lemon Curd. The creamy velvety taste of citrus that just melts in my mouth and make me smile.

I have a dear colleague at work whose mother is british and she introduced me to Lemon Curd. My first glass was bought in a Netto and was from Robertsons and it was just delicious mouthwatering addictive! I ended up buying more, and of other fabricants.. but today I mostly make it myself, since I havent found the Robertsons here since then and the others just dont compare..

And I made up a batch this weekend.. and tonight I will smear the yellow cream all over my freshly baked bread and .. well knowing me.. stuff my face!

Have a nice evening.


tirsdag den 23. september 2008

So more about...


My name is Trine and I live in Låsby, Denmark with some of the best good things of my life, my husband Thomas and my fantastic, stubborn, funny daughter Johanne who can drive me up the wall and make me laugh within minutes. We also have a little dog who is sort of retiring here with us. His name is Fritz and is a ca 13 y.o. Dachsen and is on loan from my brother and his wife.

So the blog is about my good things. And what might they be you ask.. well I told you about some of my family, who are without doubt the base of all good things in my life. My most immidiate family besides those three sleeping occasionally beside me in my bed, is my brother Rasmus, his american wife Bette, my sister Mette and her bf Peter. And to top off those bloodrelations I have a girlfriend named Gitte whom I consider a sister. She is also wed and have a house full of husband, kids and animals of differing variety. Extended family!

These areall the main part of my social base. I dont think my life would be very good without them.

But there are more to life than family! hehe.. I have another side besides the social one. I am also a semi-loner at heart. And what that entails is books, music and a stirring interest in writing.

But between my job and my house and my family I dont have much time to indulge in my loner-me. I occasionally slip on a pair of headphones while surfing (another good thing!! surfing the internet, you never know what you stumble across but more on that another day.) but I lack the time to take out hours on end with a good book and music.

But more on this later because bed is calling. And bed, pillow, heavy snuggly duvet is a perfect thing. I love to draw the duvet up over my ears, close my eyes and let my mind set the pace and the direction. I love those daydreams that take on a life on their own as my mind slow down and i drift off.

... Trine